Volunteer Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Volunteers, generally of non-profitable organizations prepare a volunteer manual for reference. There are no hard, fast processes of executing a voluntary work, yet any organization needs to perform jobs in a systematic manner, and hence a manual is required to provide guidance for its effective functioning. A volunteer manual template outlines these issues depicted in the manual to guarantee perfection of voluntary work.

Sample Volunteer Manual Template:

Name of the organization: _____________________________________ [mention the name of the organization]

Details of the organization: _______________________________ [mention the address and other contact details of the organization]

Goals to be achieved: ________________________________ [mention the goals and aspirations of the organization]

Volunteer specific information:

  • _____________ [Volunteer names]                                   Page No. _____ to _____
  • _____________ [contact details]                                       Page No. _____ to _____
  • ___________________ [jobs assigned]                             Page No. _____ to _____
  • _______________ [pay scale]                                            Page No. _____ to _____

Importance of the volunteer: ___________________________________ [state the importance of the volunteers to the organization]

Rules and Regulations: _________________________________________ [mention the norms they must abide by]

Terms and conditions: ______________________________________ [mention the limits to their rights and advantages]

Download Volunteer Manual Template in Word Format

Incoming Sample Templates:

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