Debit Memo Template

June 24, 2011

This is an informal invoice issued by a supplier to correct an error and indicate the extra amount owed. On many occasions, the debit memo is created according to a complaint filed by a client. Other situations that require the issuance of the same include expense transfer and charge reallocation.

Sample Debit Memo Template

The details of this document should be filled out clearly and accurately and the information is only for official use.

Date _______________      Bank No. ______________

Transaction Date ___________ Payee _______________   Data entry ______________

Fund account                        Class       IRS                            Amount

011345675876                        65488      00                          $ 2000 USD

011165764342                         67400     00                          $ 800   USD

$ 900   USD

Total      $ ___________


Purchase order 1921756254

Invoice   UK365599875

Send wire to: ____________________________

Bank: Equity Bank (United Kingdom)

Bank code: 068

Account No: 01108055771400

Swift: EQBL UK

IBAN: EQ6427060077011801247

Account Name: Smith Construction

Initiated by: ______ Checked by: _______ Approved by: _________

Date_____________ Date______________ Date________

Download Debit Memo Template in Word Format


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