Food Menu Template

June 27, 2011

The food menu template is the most important thing we look for in a restaurant or other eating joints when we are going to eat out. The food menu gives information like the variety of food available. We choose from these varieties of food and order our meal. The price of the food which is also mentioned in the menu is an important factor for deciding the food to be ordered.

Sample food menu Template:

__________________ [name of the hotel / restaurant / eating joint]

We have been specializing in _____________ [the kind of cuisine the restaurant serves] since ____________________ [year in which the restaurant was established].

No outside food allowed. We accept all kinds of cards.

Salads:                                                                                      Price

  • __________________
  • [Name of the variety of salads]                                                            [Price of salad

Beverages:                                                                                              Price

  • ___________________                                                      ___________________
  • _______________________                                          ______________________

[Name of the beverages available]                                   [Price of the beverages]

Starters:                                                                                              Price

  • ___________________                                                      ___________________
  • _______________________                                          ______________________

[Name of the starters available]                                   [Price of the starters]

Main Course:                                                                                              Price

  • ___________________                                                      ___________________
  • _______________________                                          ______________________


[Name of the Main Course available]                                   [Price of the MaiCourse]

Download Food Menu Template in Word Format

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