Restaurant Menu Template

June 27, 2011

Whenever we go to a restaurant the first thing that we ask for is a menu card. It is after going through the menu card that we decide the kind of food available in the restaurant and price of the food and then we decide to place order. The design of the menu card gives an idea about the standard of the restaurant. The restaurant menu template should be an attractive and eye catchy.

Sample Restaurant Menu Template:

_______________________ [name of the restaurant]

Welcome to the world of fine dining along with good decorum and best quality service.  A heaven for __________________ [the kind of cuisine or cuisines available] food.

Starter:                                                                                                 Price:

  • ______________                                                                     _____________
  • _______________                                                                    ________________
  • _________________                                                              ______________________
  • __________________                                                                   ___________________

[Name of the starters, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian]                  [Price of the starters]

Main course:                                                                                                Price

  • _____________________                                                               _________________
  • _____________________                                                               ___________________

[Name of the main course dishes]                                                                [Price of the dishes

Dessert:                                                                                                        Price

  • _____________________                                                         ________________
  • _______________________                                                    __________________

[Name of dessert available]                                                      [Price of the desserts]

Download Restaurant Menu Template in Word Format


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