Dinner Menu Template

June 27, 2011

Sometimes we are invited to a dinner party; there is a menu which contains the list of food to be served during dinner. The dinner menu template gives you an idea beforehand about the type of food to be served at the dinner. The menu makes the dinner more interesting.

Sample Dinner Menu Template:

_______________________________ [reason or occasion of the dinner]

________________ [date of the occasion in dd/mm/yy format]

We welcome you to be a part of our celebrations.



  • _______________

[Name of the appetizers, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian]

Main course:

  • ____________________

[Name of the main course available]


  1. Ice cream:
  • ______________

[Flavors of ice cream available]

  1. Pastries:
  • _______________

[Flavors of pastries available]

Thank you, for being a part of our celebration. Enjoy your meal.

Download Dinner Menu Template in Word Format

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