Quality Assurance Plan Template

June 28, 2011

A quality assurance plan template is a layout created for the designing of a quality assurance plan. A quality assurance plan is especially used by a manufacturing company to test all aspects of their products. Thus a quality assurance plan must be clear, comprehensive and thorough.

Sample Quality Assurance Template:

Name of product: ________________________________ [Provide the name of the product for which a quality assurance plan is being created]

Developed by: ___________________________________ [Name of company]

Product developed in: ______________ [year] [Mention the relevant year]

Product tested by: __________________________________ [Mention the name(s) of the core group of quality assurance analysts]

Quality checks applied to the product:

  • Check 1: _______________________
  • Check 2: _______________________
  • Check 3: _______________________ [Enlist the number of stringent quality tests that the product has been subject to]

Results of quality assurance tests: ___________________________________ [Enumerate the product’s response to quality checks and other tests]

Quality assurance report to be submitted on: _________________ [date] [Mention the relevant date]

Download Quality Assurance Plan Template in Word Format


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