Communication Plan Template

June 28, 2011

A communication plan template is a layout for the creation of a communication plan. A communication plan can be of various types, like improving communication and interpersonal relationships within a company, formulating a communication plan outside the company as well as various other types. However, they must all be well thought out and thorough.

Sample Communication Plan Template:

Name of company: _____________________________________ [Mention the name of the company for which the communication plan is being made]

Objectives of the communication plan: ________________________________ [Provide a few objectives of the communication plan like improvement of work environment]

Measures to improve communication:

  • Strategy 1: ____________________________
  • Strategy 2: ____________________________
  • Strategy 3: ____________________________ [Enlist the measures that will be taken to improve communication]

Importance of proper communication channels within the company: _______________________ [Mention the relevance of communication channels in a company like transparency, trust and reliability]

How each staff member can contribute towards improvement of communication: ____________________ [Enumerate how each staff member is responsible for and can contribute to improved communication]

Download Communication Plan Template in Word Format


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