Website Testing Plan Template

June 28, 2011

A website testing plan template is a layout used for the creation of a website testing plan. A website needs to be checked and developed at every stage of its conception and execution. A website testing plan maps the progress of the website and assesses its usability. Thus, a website testing plan template must be clear and address all the key issues.

Sample Website Plan Template:

Name: _________________________ [Name of the website]

Nature of website: ____________________ [Mention the type of website; whether it is informative, or educational or entertaining etc.]

Areas that need to be addressed in the website testing plan:

  • Grammar and spell check
  • Accuracy of information provided
  • Testing of navigation paths
  • Testing of data entry systems

[Mention the various areas, which need special attention during the website testing. Also, provide space for detailed commentary on any problematic area]

Purpose of the website: ______________________________ [Mention the goals that have prompted the creation of a website, its overarching purpose in order to smoothen the path of website testing]

Download Website Testing Plan Template in Word Format


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