Real Estate Listing Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

A real estate list must encompass not only the details of properties in question, but other crucial detail like prices and agents. There must be complete transparency ensured. Thus a real estate listing template must keep these considerations in mind.

Sample Real Estate Listing Presentation Template

Name of agent: ____________________________________

Address of property 1: _______________________________________

Address of property 2: _______________________________________

[Mention relevant details including the location and, if possible, the postal addresses of the properties in question]

Prices of the properties in question:       [Mention the market value plus real estate dealer commission and other added expenses of both properties]

Property 1: $________________________

Property 2: $________________________

Approximate time of being in the real estate market, and thus available for prospective buyers: ______________________ [Give the estimated time of the two properties being in circulation and in the open market]

Special features of property 1: _________________________________________________

Special features of property 2: ________________________________________________ [Mention the relevant details like excellent location, good connectivity and booming real estate prices]

Real Estate Listing Presentation Template

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