Research Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

A research presentation template is a document which usefully presents an outline of an individual or a team’s research and findings in an organized manner, noting the salient features as well as the modes of research including financial assistance and means of gathering data.

Sample Research Presentation Template

Name[s]: ________________________

Topic of research: ____________________________

[Mention the relevant details]

Reasons for the necessity and importance of this research project in keeping with the demands of the field: ______________________________________________________

[Mention briefly the utilitarian value of your research project and how it will prove to be beneficial and indispensable]

Estimated time for the completion of the project: _____________________ [Mention the approximate time, in months, required to complete the project]

Approximate funds required: $_____________________________ [Outline the financial necessities, showing a breakup for the various stages of research]

Some sources of capital: ________________________________________________________

[Mention a few sources, including grants, which you have already secured]

End result: __________________________________________________________ [Mention your objectives with the findings of your research]

Download Research Presentation Template in Word Format

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