Product proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A product proposal template is used by a product manufacturing company to depict a future product plan to its investors and other stakeholders. This template should contain the market analysis that motivated this product development, the approximate budget (both in terms of money and time) required, the possible competitors and also the approximate profit margin.

Sample product proposal template

Product description:


(This must contain the essential features of the product and its functionality)

Market Needs analysis:


(This contains the list of potential customers, why they need this product and how can this product serve their purpose)

Competition analysis:


(This section must mention the possible competitors of this product. It should also contain features of comparative products to have a clear understanding)

Brief User manual:


(This segment contains a brief description of how to use the proposed product. It also depicts whether any additional hardware is required to use this product).

Approximate budget:


(This deals with the man power and the cost required to develop the proposed product).

Download Product proposal Template in Word Format


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