Product development Template

June 29, 2011

A product development template is a step by step illustration of how a product is manufactured. This also contains some issues, bugs or defects that have aroused during the product development. Such a template serves two-fold purpose- first, it documents the entire procedure and secondly, it saves time and effort the subsequent times the product is manufactured.

Sample product development template

Commercial name of the product: _______________________________________

(This name is the one by which the product is marketed)

Scientific name of the product: __________________________________________

(This is the name that was given by the manufacturers. This name may be same or different from the commercial name)

Raw materials required:

Name of the material Description Quantity/Amount Cost

___________       ____________           ____________          _____

Procedure of preparation:

Step 1: _____________________________________

Issues or Defects that have occurred during the development:


Possible work-arounds or solutions for these defects:

Defect Description Solution / Work-arounds

_____________                              ____________

Download Product development Template in Word Format


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