Product management Template

June 29, 2011

A product management template is used to document all the details that are related to the product management. This includes documentation of the product preparation at the first place and then all the change requests that the product have undergone. Such a template helps to understand the product manufacturing phases in the future and thus allows the company to use the best practices.

Sample Product Management Template

Commercial name of the product: ________________________________________

(This name is the one through which the product is marketed)

Scientific name of the product: ___________________________________________

(This name is the one given by manufacturers)

Total no. of days required for designing and building the product: ________________

Total no. of people that were employed for the product design and build: ___________

Total expense incurred for the product manufacture: ____________________________

(This includes cost of the human resources employed, tools and equipments used and other miscellaneous expenses).

Changes done to the product:

Reason for change Change implemented Cost incurred for the change

______________           _______________                 _____________

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