Product strategy Template

June 29, 2011

A product strategy template is a list of action points that is formulated by the management of a product manufacturing company. This template will help the products manufactured to be strategically placed in the market to give it a sound edge over its competitors.

Sample Product Strategy Template

Commercial name of the product: ________________________________

(This name is the one with which the product is marketed. Hence it should be very innovative and beguiling).

Ingredients of the product: ______________________________________________

(All the ingredients should be listed here. The ingredients should be of better quality and more suited to serve its purpose as compared to its contemporaries).

Look and feel of the product: _____________________________________________

(A pictorial representation of the product should be present here. This should be very appealing).

Price of the product: _________________________

(This should be the least among its similar kinds)

Manufacturing methods: ______________________________________________

(A complete flowchart of the manufacturing process should be given here. This should be highly economic and productive).

Download Product strategy Template in Word Format


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