Product Costing Template

June 29, 2011

Product costing is a way through which a company can study and keep track of all the various expenses that are accrued in the sale and production of a product from its raw material. Product costing template contains the complete details regarding the costing of any particular set of products manufactured by a company.
Sample Product Costing template

Name of the product: __________________ [mention the product’s name]

[Mention all the requirements for this particular product along with individual cost]

Raw materials                 Weight                 Purchased cost            per unit

__________           ___________             _____________          _________

Total cost ___________ [mention the total cost of all the products per unit]

Selling price per unit ________________________ [Mention the total selling price per unit of this product]

Yield (%) ______________________ [Mention the total yield percentage of this product from purchased raw materials]

Profit ______________________________ [mention the total profit gained from per unit of this product]

Download Product Costing Template in Word Format

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