Catering Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A catering proposal template is a document drafted whenever an individual is making a proposal to promote his or her catering business. The details mentioned in the template are the variety of cuisines made by a catering company and also the price details of the services offered. The details also include the kind of functions or programs for which catering service is provided.
Sample Catering Proposal Template
____________________ [logo of the catering company]
_____________________ [name of the catering company]
We specialize in ___________________, __________________, ____________________, _______________ and _______________ [types of cuisines] food. Other than that we also provide varieties of desert which includes ____________________, _________________ and _______________ [name of the deserts].
We have been offering catering service since ________________ [year since which the company has started its operation].  The cost details per plate of various cuisines are mentioned below:
Type of cuisine                                                                                    Cost per plate
______________                                                                                 _____________
For more details and bookings you can log onto our website _____________ [website address].

Download Catering Proposal Template in Word Format

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