Solution Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A solution proposal template is a formal document drafted by an organization providing various solutions in terms of services to individuals or organizations. The template includes details like the kind of solution the company provides and also the kind of environment in which it works. The cost and schedule of the solution also needs to be mentioned along with the goal of the solution proposal.
Sample Solution Proposal Template
____________________ [logo of the catering company]
_____________________ [name of the solution providing company]
We specialize in providing solution in ________________ [field in which solution is provided].
We can offer you the best solutions service in the market at the best possible price.
We can assure you that after availing our service, you will gain success. The cost of providing service is _______________.  We analyze your potential risk and then offer you solution. We have the one of the best man power working for us.
In order to get more information, you can log on to our website _______________ [website address].

Download Solution Proposal Template in Word Format

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