Purchase Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A purchase proposal template is a document through which an individual or an organization expresses their interest to purchase something from another individual or an organization. The details of the template include reasons for purchasing and the cost the sender of the proposal template is ready to incur for the purchase.
Sample Purchase Proposal Template
___________________ [name of the recipient]
________________ [designation]
_______________________ [name of the organization]
_________________ [street address of office]
_______________ [city name] ________________ [state name] ___________ [postal code]
Dated: __________ [date of writing the proposal]
Respected ___________________ [name of the recipient],
I would like to express my interest to purchase ___________________ [the product or the entity to be purchased]. I believe that you are on the lookout for a buyer.
I am also into similar business and so I have proper understanding of how your company runs. I am ready to give a purchase price of ______________ [amount in dollars].
_____________ [name of the sender].

Download Purchase Proposal Template in Word Format

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