Job Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A job proposal template is used to by a potential job seeker to highlight his qualities and experiences which are in alignment with the requirement of a particular job. Generally, a job proposal template is prepared as a response to a vacancy for a particular post. Such template should contain the details of the applicant who is proposing for a particular job.
Sample Job Proposal Template
Name of the candidate: _______________
Permanent Address: _________________
Current Address: ___________________
Phone Number: _____________________
E-mail id: __________________________
A young graduate looking for the dynamic career opportunities and willing to serve
the organization with the best of his technical skills and education qualifications. (Additional points can also be mentioned).
Educational Qualification:
[Details of the educational qualifications of the applicant should be provided here].
Technical skills:
[Details of the technical skills of the applicant should be provided here].
To be decided on confirmation of interview
To be contacted:
All applicants are requested to submit their application at
_________________________ [name of the recruiting company]
________________________ [address of the company]
Download Job Proposal Template in Word Format

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