Loan Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A loan proposal template is an official document drafted whenever an individual applies for a loan from a financial institution or an organization. The template has details like the amount of loan required and also the reason for applying for the loan.
Sample Loan Proposal Template
________________ [name of the recipient]
________________ [designation of the recipient]
________________ [name of the financial institution]
_________________ [street address of office]
_______________ [city name] ________________ [state name] ___________ [postal code]
Dated: __________ [date of writing the proposal]
Respected ___________________ [name of the recipient],
I wish to inform you that I would like to apply for a loan for _______________ [reason for applying for the loan].
I would like to apply for a loan of an amount of ______________ [amount of loan required]. It is will be a respite for me if this loan is granted. I would be really grateful if you look into matter and take action.
Thanking you,
_________________ [name of the sender].

Download Loan Proposal Template in Word Format

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