Web Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A web proposal template is a document drafted when an individual or an IT company gives the proposal to provide any kind of web based service for an individual or an organization. The template has details the kind of web based service to be provided and its benefits. The price of the service is also mentioned.
Sample Web Proposal Template
_________________________ [name of the service or project]
Prepared for:  __________________ [name of the company for whom the project has been prepared]
Prepared by: ________ [name of the person preparing the project]
___________ [designation]
______________________   [name of the organization]
We would like to put forward this proposal to ___________________________ [kind of web service to be provided]. We are a web based company who specializes in services like:
[List of web based services provided]
The service includes _______________________________ [details included in the service]. The total cost of providing this service will come to __________________________ [amount in dollars].
For more details you can visit our website: _____________________ [website address].

Download Web Proposal Template in Word Format

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