Vehicle Purchase Agreement Template

June 30, 2011

A vehicle purchase agreement template is used to create an agreement that shows a transaction between a buyer and a seller in the event that a vehicle is sold. It shows the terms of agreement of the purchase and indicates the parties’ signature as well as date and time. Shown below is a sample vehicle purchase agreement.

Sample Vehicle Purchase Agreement Template

Seller Name ________________________
Co-owner __________________________
Address ___________________________
State, city, zip code __________________
Buyer name _________________________
Co-owner __________________________
Address ___________________________
State, city, zip code __________________
Description of vehicle
Year __________________________
Make __________________________
Color __________________________
Body style ______________________
Description of model ______________________________________________
VIN ___________________________
State title _________________________________
Mileage ____________________________
Disclosure and warranty
Name of Lien holder _______________________
Account number ___________________________
Address __________________________________
Phone number _____________________________
Vehicle selling price ______________________________
Seller and buyer declare that the statements herein are true and accurate
Seller signature ___________________________ Date ________________________
Buyer signature ___________________________ Date ________________________

Download Vehicle Purchase Agreement Template in Word Format

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