Asset Purchase Agreement Template

June 30, 2011

An asset purchase agreement is important for anyone buying an asset. It indicates the terms of the agreement upon purchase while also indicating the date as well as the signatures of the buyer and the seller. The template given here makes it easier to create an asset purchase agreement. Below is a sample asset purchase agreement template

Sample Asset Purchase Agreement

This agreement is made on this ________ day _____ of ___ month and year ________ between ___ buyer name ________ and ______seller name ___________
Subject to the provisions of this agreement, buyer agrees to purchase and seller agrees to sell his rights title and interest of ______________________. The asset shall be purchased at ____ amount __________.
Terms of Agreement
Governing Law
Seller __________________ Signature ______________ Date
Buyer __________________ Signature ______________ Date

Download Asset Purchase Agreement Template in Word Format

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