Business Process Questionnaire Template

June 30, 2011

Business Process questionnaire template is a sample questionnaire that gives an overview of how a business process questionnaire looks. The questionnaire must have questions on the technology, expertise, experience, skills, and pro activeness of the employees in the business.

Sample Business Process Questionnaire template:

Name of the Business: ________________________________
Industry: ____________________________ [Provide a drop down of different industries]
Business Process Components
1.    Rate the need for business process to be followed strictly in your business on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 is the least, 10 is the highest). _______________
2.    What is the impact of changing technology on the success of the business?
1.    Do the people of the organization have enough expertise and skill to carry on business process? Yes / No [Underline your choice]
2.    How often do you change your business process?
Very often:         _____________ [Every year]
Often:               _____________ [Once every 2 years]
Rarely:              _____________ [Once in more than 5 years]
Sometimes:        _____________ [Whenever it is highly needed]
1.    Which levels of people are responsible for changing business process?
Top Management:       ______________
Middle Management:    ______________
Lower Management:    ______________
1.    Do you think your business is following the right processes to improve the profitability and beat competition? Yes / No [Underline your choice]

Download Business Process Questionnaire Template in Word Format

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