Multiple Choice Quiz Templates

July 1, 2011

Multiple choice quiz templates are the especially designed quiz consisting of more than one answer options in which only one answer is correct. Such a quiz template is widely used in the medium to huge business organizations and by the advertising companies for recording the accurate feedback of the audience.

Sample Multiple Choice Quiz Templates:

Name: ______________
Date: ____/ ____/ _____
Category of the questionnaire: _____________ [introduction of the targeted customer is required]
Please choose only one answer to complete the Quiz:
Q1. What kind of skin do you have?
•    Sensitive
•    Very sensitive
•    Normal
•    Medium
Ans: ______________
Q2. According to your skin type, which of the following products you apply the most on your skin?
•    Sun screen lotion
•    Fairness cream
•    Anti ageing cream
•    Moisturizer
Ans: _____________
Q3. As per your above chosen answer, after applying certain skin care cosmetics, your skin results to:
•    Smooth & soft skin
•    Bright skin tone
•    Both of the above mentioned
Ans: ___________
Q4. As per you experience, which of the following can possibly be the side effect of the long term use of any of the above mentioned products?
•    Allergy
•    Wrinkles
•    Skin ageing
Ans: _______________
Q5. According to you, how often should a person try some new skin care product?
•    Once in three months
•    Once in six months
•    Once in a year
•    None of the above given
Ans: _______________
Download Multiple Choice Quiz Templates in Word Format

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