Electrician Work Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

An Electrician work quotation template is used by those individuals or company who wants to hire electrician’s services and wants to know their charges/rates for the specific job/task. Through the template, the individual can specify his requirements and the electrician can fill his quotation for work.

Sample Electrician Work Quotation Template

I (Name of the individual/company) __________ would like to hire your services for an electrician job at my premise. My contact details are given below:
Complete Mailing Address______________
Phone___________ Email____________
(Here the contact details of hirer will appear.)
Please quote your prices for below work:
Type of Work_____________ (Brief description and specification of work.)
The date when it is expected to be finished___/___/___
The services I need: ______________________
The material and equipments I need
(This section describes the requirements of person/company in more detail)
Your quote for total work____________________
Quote for material and equipment_________________
Quotations for maintenance work__________________
(Here the electrician has to fill his charges/rates.)

Download Electrician Work Quotation Template in Word Format

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