Event Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

Those people who want to hire a professional event organizer prepare event quotation template. These templates explain the event arrangement requirements of the person and enquire the event organizers regarding their charges/prices for this service.

Sample Event Quotation Template

I (The name of company/individual) ____________would like to hire your event organizing services. Please contact me on below address:
Mailing Address______________
(Contact details of the individual/company.)
Please quote your prices for below work:
Theme of event___________ Brief description of event_________ (Here the event specifications will appear.)
The date when the event has to take place____/____/____ (Date of event)
The entertainment services I need for event____________________
The special features that I want to add with this event_______________
The special sitting, dining and other arrangements I need______________
(Here the details of person/company’s requirement will appear.)
Your quotation for above event job__________________
Your quote for other expenses, charges_______________
(Here the event organizer has to fill his rates.)

Download Event Quotation Template in Word Format

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