Renovation Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

A Renovation quotation template is used by a person or company to hire construction contractor for renovation work. The template provides description of renovation requirements of the client and quotations of work cost mentioned by construction agency.

Sample Renovation Quotation Template

I (The person/company’s name) _______________ would like to hire your company for renovation work. My contact details are given below:
Complete Mailing Address_____________
Phone Number____________
(Complete mailing and contact details of the individual/company.)
Please quote your prices for below work requirements:
Brief description of renovation work________________
Renovation specification__________________________
Material requirements_____________________
Specific designing, construction or interior that I need_____________________
(Here the renovation work details and specifications will appear.)
Preferred work duration from: ___/___/___ to ___/___/____ (Time duration and schedule for work.)
Your price quote for total work________________
Price quote for material________________
Price quote for above mentioned interior and designing_______________
Other expenses______________________
Labor charges________________________
(Here the charges and rates of renovation work quoted by construction agency/constructor will appear.)

Download Renovation Quotation Template in Word Format

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