Trade Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

A Trade quotation template is prepared by a company to hire a trader for any specific trading work. The template gives details of trade job as described by the client so the traders can quote their prices as per requirements.

Sample Trade Quotation Template

I (Name of company/individual) ______________would like to hire your services for the trade work. My contact details are provided below:
Complete mailing address________________
(Here the contact and mailing details of client will appear.)
Please quote your prices for below trade work:
Type of trade_________________
Goods and Items listed for trading_______________________
Date when the trading should be done or the duration: From ___/____/___ to ___/___/___
(Here the details of trade work will appear. With the time line.)
Your price quotes:
Price quote for goods and items_________________
Price quote for total trading work_________________
Price quote for other expenses and charges_______________
(Here the trader will fill his rates and charges for the work.)

Download Trade Quotation Template in Word Format

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