Auto Repair Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

When an individual gives a car or any other owned vehicle for repair in a garage or to a mechanic, he is given a receipt on paying the repairing fee; this receipt is known as the auto repair receipt. The format in which these types of receipts are designed are known as auto repair receipt template. The receipt template has details like the reason for the car getting repaired, contact details of the garage and also whether any spare parts had to be changed or not.

Sample Auto Repair receipt template

Dated: _______________ [date on which the receipt was made]
____________________ [name of the garage]
Address: ________  Street address _______   Name of city _______
Name of state _________________ Postal code [address of the garage]
Repairing details:
Spare parts changed                                                     Cost
_____________                                                    ___________
[Details of the parts changed in the automobile]               [Cost of the spare part]
Labor cost: ________________ [garage or mechanic charges]
Total amount to be paid: ____________
Paid by: ______________ [name of the vehicle owner]

Download Auto Repair Receipt Template in Word Format

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