Oil Change Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

An oil change receipt template is the format of an oil change receipt that a vehicle maintenance professional will give you when you get oil changed in your vehicle. This document will contain the details of your vehicle and a proof that the oil has been changed. Here is an oil change receipt template to give you an idea about how the receipt would be like.

Sample Oil Change Receipt Template

Date ________________________ (Date on which oil is changed)
Vehicle type __________________ (Whether the vehicle is a car, bike, truck, bus or anything else)
Make and Model No. of the vehicle _________________________________ [Details of the vehicle]
Registration No. of the vehicle _____________________________________
Kms. After which oil is changed ____________________________________ (No. of kms that the vehicle has covered since the last oil change)
Amount paid ________________________ (Amount you paid for changing your vehicle’s oil)
Name of person _____________________________ (Name of person who is filling the receipt)
Download Oil Change Receipt Template in Word Format

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