Travel Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A travel receipt template is the document which lays down the design in which a travel receipt is drafted. Whenever an individual is travelling and the trip is organized by a travelling agency, the individual receives a certain kind of receipt from the travel agency which is known as the travel receipt. The details of the journey, the name and other contact details of the travel company, destination where the traveller is travelling, contact details of the traveller and the total travelling amount is mentioned in the travel receipt template.

Sample Travel receipt template

_________________ [name of the travel company]
Address: _____________________________ [office address of the travel company]
Contact number: _______________
Email id: ___________________
Website: ___________________
Traveller: ______________ [name of the traveller]
Address: _____________________________ [residential address of the traveller]
Mobile number: _____________
Destination: _________________ [place where the traveller is travelling]
Travel date: From _______________ [date of beginning the journey]
To: _________________ [the date on which the journey ends]
Mode of transport: _____________ [flight, car, train or bus]
Travelling fare: ________________
Lodging expense: ______________
Total travelling amount: ___________________ [the expenses of the travel ate mentioned here]

Download Travel Receipt Template in Word Format

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