Daycare Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Daycare receipt template is a document which defines the format of a day care receipt. These types of receipts are issued by the daycare centre owners when they receive an amount in exchange for their services.

Sample Daycare Receipt Template

Name of the organization/daycare center____________
Receipt number_____________
Date of receipt___/___/___ (dd/mm/yy) Type of receipt: Quarterly/Monthly/weekly_____________
(This section provides general information about receipt.)
Name of daycare owner__________________
Name of caretaker______________
(Here the details of center owner and the person who takes care of children will appear.)
Name of child________ Age_______ Sex________
(Here the information about the child enrolled in center will appear.)
Time/hours for staying in daycare__________________
A sum of $/Rs. ____________ received by____________ (Guardian/client name) for the duration of ___/___/___ to ____/____/___.
(This section shows the fee amount and time period for which the child stayed in daycare.)
Charges for various facilities provided by centre_________________
(Here the center owner will mention those facilities given to child while the stay.)

Download Daycare Receipt Template in Word Format

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