Fees receipt Template

July 1, 2011

Fee receipt template can be used by educational institute, training institute or from any of those organization who charge fees for some kind of services. The template provides information regarding the services and the fees paid for the same.

Sample Fee Receipt Template

Name of organization/institute_____________
Address___________ Phone__________ Email________
(This section provides general information and contact details regarding the institution.)
Receipt number___________
Receipt date___/___/___ Receipt type: Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly___________
(This section provides the information about receipt.)
Name of student___________ Age_______ Sex_____
Class/standard_________ semester/course_____________
Session____ to______
(Here the general information about student will appear.)
A sum of $/Rs.____________ received by__________ (Name of student/guardian) for the duration ___/___/___ to ___/___/__as the monthly/quarterly school fee.
(This section shows the details of fee amount and the duration for which it is charged.)
Charges for extra curricular activities____________
Charges for fitness and health care______________
Other expenses____________
(Here the institute will mention the other fee charges taken from the student.)
Signature of cashier/secretary_____________
Signature of student/guardian___________

Download Fees receipt Template in Word Format

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