Deposit Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Deposit receipt template can be issued by any bank, financial firm or property owner etc who have accepted some monetary amount from an individual or organization. The template provides details of deposit conditions, reasons and amount.

Sample Deposit Receipt Template

Date of receipt___/___/___ (dd/mm/yy format)
Receipt number_____________ type of receipt: monthly/yearly/quarterly_______________
(Here the general information regarding receipt will appear.)
Name of issuing authority____________
Address___________ Phone___________ Email_________ (Here the contact details of authority will appear.)
Issued to______________ (Name of the person to who the receipt is issued)
Present mailing address____________ Phone___________ Email_________
(Here the name and contact details of person will appear.)
The sum of $/Rs._____________ was received by________________ (Name of payee)
As ____________ [reason for which the deposit was made] for__________ [Details of the asset] at______________ (Location of the asset]
I hereby affirm that I have accepted the deposit amount of $/Rs. from_________ (Name of the person who has made deposit] for the duration: From___/____/___ to ___/___/___.
(This section provides declaration information regarding acceptance of deposit)
Signature of the person who has issued the deposit receipt____________

Download Deposit Receipt Template in Word Format

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