Store Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A store receipt template is a ready to use document which defines the format in which a store receipt is designed. When an individual goes to buy any item in a store, he is paid a bill which evidence that he has purchased the item from the store and paid for it, this bill is known as the store receipt. The template include the detail of the items purchased by the individual, the total amount paid for it and also the value added tax amount included in the bill (if applicable).

Sample Store receipt template

Date: _______ [date on which the receipt was generated]    Receipt no. _______
_____________ [name of the store]
Details of product purchased:
Product                                      Quantity                             Price
_________                                 __________                       _________
[Name of the item purchased]       [Number of each item purchased] [Total price of each item]
Total: ___________
Value added tax @ _____ [percentage of value added tax on the purchase amount]
Amount to be paid: _________
Thank you, do visit again
Download Store Receipt Template in Word Format

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