Room Rent Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A room rent receipt template is a ready to use document which lays down the format in which a room rent receipt is made. An individual owning a number of rooms in a house or a building gives out those rooms on rent separately with one tenant for each room and in exchange of that he takes rent from his tenants and a rent receipt acts as evidence that the tenant has paid rent.

Sample Room Rent receipt template

Dated: ______________   [date of collecting the rent in dd/mm/yy format]
Room Rent Receipt no. ______________ [Receipt number]
Owner: First name _________ Middle name __________ Surname _________
Room no. _____________ [Here the details of the room owner are mentioned]
Address: __________ Street address __________ Name of city ______________ Name of state _________________ Postal code
Received with thanks from: _______________ [name of tenant]
Monthly rent: ______________ [amount in dollars]
Rent for the period:  From _____________ [beginning date] to _________ [end date]
Total rent amount: _______________ [amount in dollars]
Signature of receiver:                                     Signature of tenant:
_______________                                       __________________

Download Room Rent Receipt Template in Word Format

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