Taxi Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A taxi receipt template is a ready to use document which lays down the format of the taxi receipt. These types of templates are used whenever an individual hires a taxi to go from one place to another. These templates can be designed for various different types of taxi services and can be then used as per needs and requirements.

Sample Taxi receipt template

Taxi Receipt
____________________ [Here the name of the taxi services company is to be mentioned]
Dated: _______________ [date of availing the service]
Distance: ______________ [total number of kilometres travelled]
Meter reading: __________________ [The amount as per the meter reading is to be mentioned]
Start time: ______________ [time when the journey started]
End time: _____________ [time when the journey ended]
Surcharge: ___________ [Here the amount of surcharge is any applicable is to be mentioned]
Tip: ___________ [Here the amount of tip if you wish to give is to be mentioned]
Grand total: _______________ [total amount to be paid in mentioned here]
Keep your receipt safely.
Thank you

Download Taxi Receipt Template in Word Format

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