Wage Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Wage Receipt Template is a document that allows you to enter the name and details of the employee who is receiving the wage, his payment details and his signature. If you are a business owner, then you will need this template every month, as you will be paying wages to your employees on a monthly basis.

Sample Wage Receipt Template

Wage receipt for the month of _________________________ (Name of month for which wage has been paid)
Employee no. _______________________________________
Employee Name ____________________________________ (Name of the employee)
Designation ________________________________________ (Designation of the employee)
Salary per month ____________________________________ (Total salary that the employee is entitled to receive in a month)
Leaves taken _______________________________________ (No. of leaves that the employee has taken in the present month)
Allowed leaves _____________________________________ (No. of leaves that are officially granted to the employee)
Deduction _________________________________________ (Deduction in the salary depending upon the leaves taken by the employee)
Salary Payable ______________________________________ (Amount of Salary that the employee is actually entitled to receive this month)
(Sign of the employee who has received the wage)

Download Wage Receipt Template in Word Format

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