Quickbook Sales Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Quickbook Sales receipt template is a format on which a Quickbook sales receipt can be framed. You can use this template whenever you receive products from a supplier and you have to provide them with a receipt.

Sample QuickBook Sales Receipt Template

Invoice No. ________________ (Number of the invoice for which the shipment has been made)
Date ____/____/____ (Date on which you have received the shipment or when the receipt is being made)
Details of the products that you have received __________________________________ (What products you have received)
Quantity __________________ (Quantity of the products received)
Full or Partial Shipment _____________ (Indicate whether complete shipment has been sent or something is yet to be delivered)
Per Unit price _______________ (Here the price of the product per unit is to be mentioned)
Payment Details _________________________ (Indicate whether payment is paid or yet to be made)
Total Amount ___________________ (Total Amount that is paid or has to be paid)

Download Quickbook Sales Receipt Template in Word Format

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