Yearly Rent Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A yearly rent receipt template is the format of the receipt that the tenant receives from the landlord for paying the rental amount for the whole year for the residential or the commercial property he has occupied as a tenant. The total rent amount, address of the property, name of the tenant etc are mentioned in the rent receipt template.

Sample Yearly Rent receipt template

Dated: _________ [date of paying the rent]                    Receipt no.: ___________
Rent for the year: ____________ [year for which rent is being paid]
Property address:  __________ Street address __________ Name of city ______________ Name of state _________________ Postal code [Address of the property which is on rent]
Owned by: ________________ [name of the landlord]
Paid by: ________________ [name of the tenant]
Total rental amount: ______________ [Total Amount of rent for the year]
Amount paid: _____________ [actual amount paid by the tenant]
Balance amount: _________________ [outstanding rental amount]
Received by: __________________ [name of the individual collecting the rent]
__________ [signature of the rent collector]
Signature of the tenant:

Download Yearly Rent Receipt Template in Word Format

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