Tax Deductible Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A tax deductible receipt template is a an important document which is prepared when an individual or an organization pays a certain kind of tax and gets a certain amount of deduction in the total taxable amount. The amount to be deducted from the taxable amount and the reason for such deduction is mentioned in a tax deductible receipt template along name of the individual paying the tax.

Sample Tax deductible receipt template

Dated: ____________ [date on which the tax is being paid]
______________________ [name of the organization charging the tax]
_______________ [logo of the company]
Office Address: __________ Street address __________ Name of city ______________ Name of state _________________ Postal code
Entertainment tax                           _______________ [the total taxable amount]
Discount @ ________ [percentage of discount amount] = ____________ [the total deductible
Net Entertainment tax = ______________ [actual amount of tax to be paid after deduction]
Paid by:
_______________________ [name of the individual paying the tax]
Thank You
Download Tax Deductible Receipt Template in Word Format

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