Lawyer Resume Template

July 2, 2011

A Lawyer resume template helps the person looking for the position of lawyer in an organization. This template includes skills, qualifications and techniques needed for making the resume. Personal data, summary of qualifications, relevant experience, education and references are an essential ingredient for this template.

Sample Lawyer Resume Template

Personal Data:
Date of Birth______________________________
Permanent Address________________________________________________
Current Address__________________________________________________
Phone number: ________________Mobile number: ______________
Career Objective
A well experienced legal consultant, highly qualified and skilled looking for a responsible and challenging position with an organization of repute. I wish to work for the upkeep of the integrity and honor of the group
Educational Qualifications:
Institute or Course                       Year of passing           Percentage
_________________________      _______________               _________%
Relevant Experience: (Start from the current job)
Accomplishment: (Mention about your major cases handles and accomplishments)
Will be available on request

Download Lawyer Resume Template in Word Format

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