Education survey template

July 4, 2011

An education survey template is a ready to use format for any education survey. This template lays down all the details regarding the questions which have to be filled according to need and requirement. These kinds of templates are useful for educational institutions or organizations when huge number of surveys have to be conducted.

Sample education survey template

Candidate Name _________________
Institute name______________________ (Name of current school or college)
Email id ____________________ (email address)
1.    How difficult or easy are the studies(analysing the level of curriculum)
1.    Option 1  (provide options like very difficult, difficult, easy, very easy)
2.    Option 2
3.    Option 3
4.    Do the teachers take proper efforts in imparting education(teachers attitude)
1.    Option 1
2.    Option 2
4.    Mention the areas which you think can be worked upon (trying to evaluate the student’s frame of mind)_____________________________
1.    How well do you score in internals(trying to analyse the answers with the results produced by the student)
1.    Option 1
2.    Option 2

Download Education survey template in Word Format

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