Household Survey Template

July 4, 2011

A household survey template is a ready to use document in order to conduct household surveys. These kinds of templates are useful in the case when companies don’t have time to frame such surveys themselves.

Sample Household Survey Template:

Name: ________________ (name of the person taking survey)
Age: _____________ (age of the person)
Gender: ______________ (gender of the person)
Address: ______________ (address of the person)
1. This question should enquire about the person’s marital status.
a) _____________ (provides options like married, unmarried, divorced, and widowed)
b) _____________
c) _____________
3. This question is asked to know whether the person has kids
a) _____________ (provide option as Yes/No)
b) ______________
4. This question highlights on the person’s possession of any vehicle and if yes then how many
a) ___________ (provide options)
b) ____________
5. This questions evaluates the person’s family income
a) ______________ (give options in the form of range of amount)
b) ______________

Download Household Survey Templatein Word Format

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