Salary survey template

July 2, 2011

A salary survey template is a ready designed format in which there’s information regarding salary assessment. A precise way to know whether an organization is offering up-to-the market rates to its employees. It helps improve the relations between Company & employee.

Sample Survey Template

Name: _________________ (Mention the name of employee)
Gender: _________________ (Mention the gender)
Age: _________________ (Mention the age)
Contact information & Phone no: ______________ (Mention the contact address & phone no.)
Academics & Experience: _________________ (Mention academics & experience)
Profession: __________________ (Mention the profession he/she is into)
Email id: _________________ (Mention the email id)
1. The first question should ask the employee about his base salary, excluding the variable pay and other benefits
2. The next question should be related to the number of years since when an employee is working with an organization?
3. The next question should ask employee about various additional benefits and bonuses he gets?
4. This question should be related to the satisfaction level of an employee with regards to his salary?
5. This question should be related to the salary of the employees in the same designation in other competitive organizations?
6. The last question should be related to the changes that an employee would wish to have in his salary structure?

Download Salary survey template in Word Format

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