Survey template sample

July 2, 2011

Organizations can use a sample survey template to help in gathering information from their customers. It can also be used to gather information about employee satisfaction. A survey template can be customized to suit the needs of the survey at hand. It must be created carefully and it is important that it looks professional. Shown below is a sample survey template.
Sample Survey Template
Company Logo
Marketing Research Survey
Company Name _____________________
Address ________________________
City, state, zip code _______________
Phone number ___________________
Email _______________________
Project name ___________________
Product category ______________________
Department __________________________
Project Manager ______________________
Date ____________________________
Document owner                                       Project/organization Date
______________________________     __________________________
Product description _________________________________
Target customers _______________________
Customer questions
ID         Question                                   Selection                      Response/comment
______   _____________________    __________________   ____________________
Additional comments _____________________________________________________
Prepared by ___________ Sign _________ Date ______________
Download Survey template sample in Word Format

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