Courier Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Courier receipt template is usually prepared by courier companies to provide an invoice of their services to the customers. The template shows the details of the person doing the career and other related information.

Sample Courier Receipt Template

Name of the courier company_____________
Address__________ Phone___________ Email________ Fax_________
(This section provide name and contact details of Courier Company.)
Receipt serial number_________
Receipt date___/___/___ (General information about receipt will appear here.)
Customer/recipient name___________
Address__________ Phone__________ Email_______
(Here the customer’s name and contact details need to be shown.)
Courier package number___________
Booking time_________ Date__/___/__
(Here the details of courier item will appear.)
From____________ (Name of sender) address_________ (mailing address.)
(Here the name and contact details of sender of courier need to be filled.)
Place of booking____________ Phone_________ Email________
(Here the booking agency details will appear.)
Charges of courier_____________ (Here the rates of courier will be mentioned.)
Delivery time__________ Date__/___/___ Delivery place__________
Delivered by_________ (Person name)
(Here the details of delivery of courier will be mentioned.)
Signature of recipient___________ Date___/___/__
Signature of delivery person__________

Download Courier Receipt Template in Word Format

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