Company Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Company receipt template is prepared by companies to provide a business invoice to its clients. The template works as a readymade document for the receipt creation and provide different fields for different information.

Sample Company Receipt Template

Title of company_____________
Address__________ Phone_________ Email___________ Fax__________
(Here the title and contact details of company will appear.)
Receipt Serial number_____________
Receipt date__/___/__ (General information about receipt need to be mentioned here.)
Client name_________ Firm name__________
Address___________ Phone___________ Email__________
(Here the client’s name and other details will appear.)
Purchased good/s_________________
Serial number____________ Batch number___________
Model__________ Size/color____________
Quantity___________ rate per unit__________
(Here the details of purchased items will appear.)
Grand total_____________
Credited amount_____________ earlier debit: Cleared__________ remain________
A sum of ____________ received by____________ (signature of client).
(This section gives information regarding total amount of invoice.)
Payment mode: cash/credit card/cheque____________ Bank account number____________
Card number____________ (This section provide information about payment mode.)
Product guarantee/warrantee card number________ (If any card is applicable than its information.)
Signature of company cashier/authority___________ Dated___/___/

Download Company Receipt Template in Word Format

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