Customer Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Customer receipt template is usually prepared by any company or commercial organization to provide an invoice of their services or products to the customer. The template provides a draft structure to create such a receipt document.

Sample Customer Receipt Template

Name of the company___________
Address__________ Phone_________ Email_______ Fax_______
(here the name and contact details of company will be shown.)
Receipt serial number__________
Receipt date___/___/___
(General information of receipt)
Customer name_________ mailing address_________ Phone_______
(here the name and contact details of customer will appear.)
Products/services purchased________________
Size______ model__________
Rate per unit__________ total units_______
(Here the specifications of product will appear.)
Guarantee card number, if any____________ Duration_______
Warrantee card number, if any____________ Duration__________
(Here the details of guarantee card will appear.)
Grand total____________
A sum of ____________ received.
(Here cashier will fill the detail of final payment.)
Payment mode: Cash/Cheque/Card____________
In case of card: Number of card_________
(Details of payment mode need to be filled here.)
Signature of cashier_________ Dated__/__/___

Download Customer Receipt Template in Word Format

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